Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Not just for girls! Margot Pj's for men!

My 'talented other half'  likes to shop as much as I do.

However it still surprised me at how eager he was to accompany me to my local fabric shop recently ?

Now I know why

The fabric shop is very near to another of his favourite shops....

The deli at Olives et al 

I have to agree, they make the most scrumptious panini sandwiches and we always come away with a large pot of our fave 'basil and garlic' olives.

I digress

Whilst we were in the fabric shop, I told him I would make him some margot Pj's like mine, but he needed to choose some fabric.

He chose this...

A good choice....

The other evening I whipped up a pair in less than 30 mins!!

Really truly.... from start to finish...!

I have to admit I used the overlocker for everything except the hems and the waist and
I did not add a pocket! 

AND there was wine.....oh yes I love to sew with a glass of wine nearby, such a treat when sewing in the evening. 

There will be a man in the flesh (so to speak) and that is quite rare in this blogosphere!

You have been warned!

Of course these days if I sew Pj's it can only be the "margot Pj's" pattern by good old tilly and those buttons!

I know lots of you have made them for yourself....but have you made them for your men yet?

(I added a bit to the waist length and cut them longer in the leg)

So come on join in the fun, make some for your man and get those posts up and running.

Its only fair I've shown you mine so now lets see yours 



Monday, 18 August 2014

A cardi make-over...

I had an LBC. (little black cardi)

A thrifty purchase from the charity store.

This lbc. was past its best, still very comfy, just a bit ugly, lets call it dull.

I had some Daisy bias binding

Very pretty, but what to use it for?

Maybe if I combined the two...mmmm?

I gave it a go....

Buzz Buzz Buzz went my Janome....

Snip Snip Snip went my scissors...

Until finally....

Its a swan!!

No longer ugly or dull.

I think its a definite improvement, do you?

Now what to wear it with?


PS. what are you up to today?
Do you know? I am a teeny tiny bit bored of the holidays now!! (shhhh) 

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Autumn? its like waiting for a train....

I can smell a hint of Autumn in the air can you?

Its like waiting for a train....

It fills me with a sense of sadness that the summer is fading and a sense of excitement that comes with the changing of the seasons.

A time for new uniform purchases, a time for enjoying the fading light in the evenings, a time for making the most of every moment with loved ones, before the summer holidays are over.

Days out together are precious, memories, photos, recording it all before they get too big.

Time moves on so fast these days.

and in between......... there is always sewing

a newly pieced together lacy curtain, from very old pieces of lace and I added some cheery bias binding with cherries on..... 

 and more crochet ....

 and completed projects....

and plans, plans,plans...

Life is good, and I count my blessings.

When that train arrives I am going to get on board and stick my head out the window, so the wind can blow through my hair!!....


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